The Traits Employers are Looking for in IT Product Managers

May 24th, 2013

In today’s rapidly changing information technology world, being able to manage all areas of product development, training, and integration has become the job of skilled product managers. Product managers are essentially the subject matter experts for the application they work on, acting as a consultant and leader for multiple projects that are connected to this product.

While technical knowledge and experience are certainly important traits for product managers to have, there are a wide range of other skills that are needed to be successful. These are the highly sought after characteristics that the best product managers have.

Strong leadership ability

In order to be a successful product manager, you can position yourself well once you have harnessed your leadership ability. Product owners are leaders of ideas, concepts, and the products they represent.

Above average communication skills

Being able to communicate well with a diverse number of professionals and customers is key to success as a product manager. You may be working across multiple cultures and communication styles in your daily work, so often creative thinking is needed.

Effective writing and research ability

As a product owner, you will be responsible for compiling product guidelines, reports, manuals and presentations. Be ready to face the challenges of writing and researching on a continual basis.

Product knowledge and trend foresight

The product owner must be able to stay ahead of trends relating to the product, keep learning, and be able to share knowledge from an industry standpoint to the leadership team at a moment’s notice.

Highly organized time manager

Staying on top of all tasks and deadlines is critical to success as a product owner. Therefore, you should be able to be very organized and an effective manager of your time.

Corporate aligned and strategic thinker

Product ownership often means negotiating and getting support for critical product updates and expenditures. This means you need to be mindful of corporate goals and a strategy for helping the business experience the biggest ROI.

Exploring a career as a product manager in the information technology market can be an exciting prospect for any job seeker. By developing the above talents and traits, you can launch yourself as a SME in your chosen product line and get to the top of the hiring pile.

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