Now That the Job Market is Showing Signs of Improvement, is it Time to Start Looking for a Better Job?

September 29th, 2011

Putting yourself back on the job market can be a scary proposition. When the economy was at its lowest many people chose to stay in their current position instead of looking for something that was better or more suited to their skills. However, now that the market is starting to show signs of improvement,  is it a good idea to put yourself back out there? The answer may surprise you.

Job Growth Expected

After a sluggish several years, some economists are forecasting that the coming year will create a boom in several industries. Some forecasts predict more than 2.4 million jobs will become available. When you compare this to data from the past several years it’s a huge increase and could potentially be one of the best hiring years in recent history. This makes it a good time to get your resume and references in order, and brush up on any certifications that you may have let slide.

Look at Your Field

Some job fields are expected to grow by leaps and bounds, while others look like they will remain in the same rut they’ve been in. If you fall into one of the growing fields then looking for a new job could benefit you. Network systems and data communication careers will be on the rise. The tourism industry is also bouncing back quickly. Anything in computer science and programming is also expected to be a booming business in 2012.

There are several newer fields that are starting to make it into the spotlight as well. Organic farming and processing will rise, genetic counseling will start to see more growth, and even space tourism is expected to pop up more. If you want to use the skills you’ve already learned in a futuristic way that can garner a higher salary, looking into some of the new in demand fields may be the way to go.

What to Watch Out For

If you work in a tight knit community you may want to hang on to your job a little longer unless you’re willing to relocate. The same can be said for fields that don’t have a huge presence. Since so many people have been unemployed recently potential employers will be looking more at your current situation and references. If you’re just testing the waters it can be easy for your boss to find out that you’re looking elsewhere in these situations. All this will do is put you on their bad side, make you look sneaky and could jeopardize your current job as well as future opportunities.

You should also be aware that even though the market is on an upswing this doesn’t necessarily translate into higher salaries and better jobs. If you’re currently getting great benefits and have a decent salary package you may want to stick it out for a little while longer. With so many people fighting over the jobs available you may only be making a lateral move instead of moving up.

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How to Stand Out as New Graduates are Competing for Technology-sector Jobs

September 22nd, 2011

An increasing number of current M.B.A. students are naming information technology firms as their employers of choice following graduation, according to a recent survey conducted by Universum at the end of 2010. This leads many to believe we are in the midst of a technology boom not seen since the likes of the era in the early 1990’s. As a result, new graduates and existing technology candidates can expect some tough competition in the coming year.

The top ranking IT firms that students are focusing on is not at all surprising, including Google, IBM, Microsoft and Logitech in the top four. These companies have consistently done their best to attract high-level students graduating from top universities around the world. Google offers a famously casual work environment along with “individually tailored compensation packages” that appeal to IT professionals seeking both financial and personal reward. Other companies are following suit, with above average salaries, free lunches, onsite fitness centers, ongoing training opportunities, and even cubicles complete with beds for napping in between creative sessions.

If you want to stand out amongst the competition, and land a great job in the information sector, there are several things to start doing now.

Get the best education for the money. The biggest IT companies will be actively recruiting from the best technology schools, so invest in your future by getting an education with a reputable university. Not sure which one is the best? Contact several and ask who recruits there.

Increase your skills and credentials. To be in the IT field means to continually stay up to date on your skills. Make it a habit to be a lifelong learner by participating in industry associations, and take all the certifications you need to stay ahead of other candidates.

Consider an IT internship. A great way to position yourself for a solid career in IT with a great company is to take on an internship during your junior and senior years of college. In fact, some of the best IT companies require this to be considered for a permanent job for new grads.

Look for a good match in an IT company. Before you launch into a full-on search for a new job, take the time to research the potential IT firms you may be applying for. Look at the factors, benefits and requirements of each company to find one that shares your philosophy.

Develop an IT portfolio to impress. As a student, you are in a unique position to develop a killer IT portfolio of work, while getting helpful feedback from instructors. Put together a portfolio that links recruiters to your best projects and use this to impress them come application and interview time.

Register with an IT staffing company. When you are looking for the best job, your best bet is to immediately register with a quality IT staffing company like Stark Talent. This will connect you to a wide network of superior assignments, which will help you get hired faster by one of the big name IT companies.

Oil and Gas Companies: Talent Shortage is a Major Concern

September 16th, 2011

It is a general concern across the entire oil industry that talent shortages will continue to plague companies over the coming years. According to a recent survey conducted by a joint effort of Rice University and Ernst & Young LLP, almost 90% of all senior HR managers at 22 top international oil and gas companies call this issue one of the top 5 business concerns facing their industry. A whopping 88% believe that personnel shortages will result in poor growth and financial performance for all energy companies, a problem for an already challenged industry.

The in-depth survey included several areas, including a rating scale of 1 to 10, in which the HR leaders were asked to indicate how serious these staffing issues are. Here are just a handful of the top issues pertaining to staffing shortages:

  • Corporate Growth as a Result of Inadequate Staffing = 7
  • Financial Performance Due to Rising Costs = 6
  • Development and Innovation Inhibitors = 6
  • Operations/Safety Problems = 6
  • Corporate Reputation in the Energy Industry = 5

It appears that the findings show that the greatest problem oil and gas recruiters face is competition from other staffing agencies whose primary focus is on this growing and very lucrative industry. Of the 22 HR executives surveyed, almost all ranked this issue an 8 out of 10. Another major concern: the increased need for higher compensation to attract the best candidates to fill assignments at all levels.

Dina Pyron, a Human Capital leader within Ernst & Young’s global oil and gas center stated openly that, “It is clear that the talent void in the oil and gas industry has transformed from an organizational challenge into a critical business issue,” further adding that, “The lack of key talent could potentially impact corporate growth, financial performance, safety and reputation. This should raise a red flag to leadership that immediate and innovative solutions are necessary.”

The Ernst & Young and Rice University survey clearly indicates that to improve recruiting efforts, HR departments and staffing agencies must work together to accomplish higher wages for candidates, recruiting in bulk, focusing on the next generation of workers, and customizing hiring practices for offshore efforts. Other solutions to this dilemma include offering new hires creative benefit and retirement packages.

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Use the Latest Technology if you Want to Find the top Tech/IT Candidates

September 7th, 2011

Finding great IT talent is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you have to search for weeks for quality candidates to fill upcoming IT project teams. Specialist assignments in the IT field are particularly challenging to fill, as more companies fight to stay ahead in our technology driven society.

A recent workforce survey put out by a leading staffing firm indicates that despite a sluggish economy, over 21 percent of US companies expect to hire new IT employees during the second part of 2011. In fact, IT is the second strongest of projected job growth in the next 2 years, trailing just behind customer service roles. In other words, if you want to land the best IT candidates going into 2012, you had better develop a strategy to use all the tools you can to leverage yourself ahead of the competition.

There are ways to use the latest technology to source and hire the top IT candidates out there. Here is a breakdown of some resources you should be using now if you want to attract the better IT candidates to your company.

LinkedIn is becoming an excellent way to reel in quality IT candidates today. This easy to use platform offers job advertisement services that outdo other popular career portals thanks to some important technology updates. In addition to the advantage of creating niche groups to encourage IT candidates to network for new assignments, LinkedIn rolled out a new “Apply” application feature , which imbeds a direct profile application link into every job advertisement online. Use this as a tool for getting more IT candidates to share their profile and resume information with you with just a few clicks.

Facebook and Twitter are also excellent technology resources you can use to attract top of the line IT candidates to your firm. Use these tools to post links to job openings on your career portal as well as other career boards and LinkedIn. Post micro-blogs about your company and why it’s the best place to work. Add featured testimonials from current employees, insight into employment perks, and more to gather momentum on the playing field. Encourage online networking by staging live hiring events directly on Facebook, then twittering in real time during a teleseminar by the use of hash tags.

Blogging can also be a great way to attract top IT candidates to your company. Not only is a blog a fun way to share insight and information about your company in a safe environment, but it invites viewers to post comments and questions directly to your hiring team in the form of non-threatening messages. Hold a contest and ask readers to post links to their best portfolio work. Offer the chance at an interview or a cash prize for the best work. Then focus in on these proactive candidates who have already expressed and interest in your company at the same time as demonstrating their ability to do the work at hand.

Virtual job fairs can also be a terrific way of garnering the attention of highly skilled IT professionals, who are hungry for new opportunities. Invite several industry leaders from your company, as well as a handful of clients to speak on various industry topics, and then invite candidates to submit their resumes and portfolio examples to be evaluated. This can give you access to a healthy pool of qualified IT candidates in one carefully planned event – saving time and effort.

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