What is SourceMatch and how can it help you pinpoint the perfect job candidate?

July 30th, 2011

Looking for the perfect Information Technology job candidate(s) for upcoming assignments? Then you will want to check out our unique hiring system for matching the right candidates with the right job. SourceMatch® is our proprietary hiring system, that refines the IT recruitment and assessment process to ensure a precise match between every candidate and position. This innovative approach takes the guesswork out of picking candidates for every assignment, leaving you free to focus on more important aspects of running your business.

SourceMatch® has been designed with your IT recruitment needs in mind. We’ve created a way for you to end up with successfully precise matches the first time and every time. It works in several exciting ways.

First we pinpoint top IT achievers through a strategy that captures the best of social media, professional networking, candidate referrals and more. Today’s job seekers are using these avenues to find great careers, and we know where and how to find them. Our skilled recruiters work diligently to narrow down only the best candidates for your company.

Secondly, we use a special series of checklists and IT assessments to evaluate the suitability of every candidate. This starts with a meticulous review of each candidate’s abilities, talents, skills, work experience and unique personality. We use this checklist to match up top talent with your assignments, to increase success rates with new hires.

Next, SourceMatch® allows our experienced IT recruiters to thoroughly check the background of each candidate. From past employment references, to criminal and drug tests, Stark Talent ensures you have the best possible candidate presented to you before you take the time to interview them.

Then we use SourceMatch® for our IT candidates to take a series of assessments and tests to discover their hidden abilities and provide more insight into their suitability for your company. This gives you a clearer picture of each candidate and how well he or she will fit into your corporate environment.


If you would like to learn more about how SourceMatch® can help you bring the best IT candidates on board this year, please be sure to contact one of our expert staffing recruiters at Stark Talent today.

With hiring in the oil industry heating up, how can a staffing agency help you get the best job out there?

July 29th, 2011

Looking for work in the growing oil industry? Whether you are a new college graduate or career-changer seeking employment opportunities in the exciting field of energy, you will be pleased to note that oil jobs are readily available to qualified candidates through staffing agencies like Stark Talent. Make sure you position yourself for excellent opportunities in one of the highest demand industries in the world.

Oil and other energy industry jobs are increasing in many areas of the United States and abroad. A recent oil industry report conducted by the well-known OilCareers.com in association with Air Energi indicated there will be a major increase in career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries in the next five to ten years. Many of these jobs will be on United States territory, while there will be opportunities to work abroad. This is positive news for those who have been affected by job shortages in other industries.

The best course of action for job candidates who are actively seeking work in the oil, natural gas and other energy industries is to register with a quality staffing agency first. Stark Talent has plenty of resources and tools to help you do this with ease, and we have been working with oil and natural gas companies for many years. We can open up the doors to new opportunities not seen elsewhere, and you will have the best chance of being invited to an interview for a new assignment by being registered here.

A staffing agency can help you get prepared for job interviews and skill tests with the biggest oil and natural gas companies in the nation. When you take the time to register for a job with Stark Talent, you will be able to find out what you need to know to be successful when interviewing with energy companies. Because our staffing agents will be screening you ahead of time, you’ll be able to be placed on assignments immediately vs. having to wait for weeks for your background and career history to be checked.

Additionally, as a registered employee with Stark Talent you will have access to on-time payroll, benefits and candidate resources that other candidates wont have. You’ll be ready when the best companies call you for work.

For more information about becoming registered for work with Stark Talent, please be sure to visit our candidate resource center today.

Oil industry hiring increase predicted. How can a staffing agency help you find the best candidates?

July 22nd, 2011

A recent report put out by OilCareers.com in association with partner Air Energi, indicates there will be a sharp increase in career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries over the coming decade. That’s great news for the tens of thousands of unemployed workers around the globe who are actively seeking new careers.

This rise in jobs in the energy sector comes about as a result of the increased interest in developed nations to find a more efficient energy source. These jobs will help energy companies tap into vast reserves of oil and natural gas that exist within American territories, reducing the dependence on foreign oil.

As an energy company, it’s important to position yourself to recruit the best candidates by contracting with a staffing agency that specializes in highly skilled energy and engineering candidates, like Stark Talent. We have the resources to find and screen candidates so that you can reduce costs and increase productivity as a growing oil or natural gas company. Since we are in the heart of the Texas and Alberta oil fields, we understand what you demand from quality candidates.

Staffing companies have access to a wider range of candidates than any career portal or in-house recruiting staff. This can save you both time and money at the same time as bringing you the best candidates for the job. This is especially critical when you need to bring on large numbers of employees to manage a job site, or for remote assignments. Trends in the energy industry indicate that a large number of hires will be needed in Africa, Australasia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, so having access to readily available candidates is absolutely necessary for your success.

Stark Talent has the ability to manage all aspects of your recruitment and staffing needs. From interviewing and background checks, to urine drug tests and payroll, we have the ability to help you get good people and keep them happy. Bringing you great people and keeping them happy with on-time paychecks, benefits and bonus plans is what makes Stark Talent the best oil and natural gas temporary employee agency.

For more information about temporary and permanent staff for the oil and natural gas industries, please contact Stark Talent today or give us a call.



RPO: The Seven Step Program

July 11th, 2011

RPO – Enlighten Me

Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

This phrase burst onto the recruiting scene in the past 10 years or so, but the concept of it has been around for much longer. RPO is when a company will
outsource all or part of their recruitment needs to another company who specializes in locating, qualifying, and delivering candidates for the hiring company to consider. RPO packages can vary from one engagement to another. One engagement could outsource every position to the RPO provider, while another could work only with a division or geographic region or skill set.

A solid RPO provider should have a variety of tools in their chest to accommodate a customized solution to the company’s needs: sourcing, screening, testing/assessments, pre-hire screenings (background, drug, MVR, reference, employment, etc.), offer negotiations, onboarding assistance, recruiting technologies and metrics, even interview training for managers.

Seven Steps to Success

The benefits of a RPO engagement to an organization will vary based on uniqueness of each company and its current situation, but there are seven results of successful RPO engagements that typically are present regardless of the company:

  1. Reduced attrition levels
  2. Reduced costs per hire
  3. Reduced time to fill
  4. EEO compliance standards met
  5. Quality of hires increased
  6. Standardized recruitment process established – ultimately improving the company brand
  7. Accurate metrics to help measure success

RPO Cha-Ching

RPO, on average, saves companies 50% when compared to contingency search fees. Even if a company is not using contingency recruiters, cost saving opportunities are still present. The RPO provider should be well established in various industries and know where to find more qualified candidates. When you combine this with the recruiting expertise, stellar processes, technologies, RPO providers should simply perform better.

Even if you don’t use contingency recruiters, there are other significant costs associated with the search for a new employee that most companies do not track:

  • Job postings costs
  • Recruiter costs
  • Lost productivity costs
  • Training costs
  • Pre-hire Screening costs
  • Hiring manager lost productivity because of interviews
  • Trainee doing a role instead of a veteran
  • Lost sales opportunities dues to being understaffed
  • Mistake costs (new employee vs experienced)
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Lowered employee morale

One thing is for certain, it costs you far more than a job posting on Craigslist or Monster for every opening your company experiences!

RPO Improves You Brand

In the hiring process, your company is not the only ones involved in the evaluation process – candidates are evaluating you too. It only hurts your company when a candidate applies for a position only to never hear from anyone inside your organization. It hurts when timely feedback is not provided after a phone interview. It hurts when they take the time to prepare for an interview, only to wait for weeks to hear if they were selected.

RPO providers should be building into their processes opportunities for the candidates to be reassured and valued. When your company values them enough to keep them posted through this stressful time in their life – IT POWERS YOUR BRAND!

Selecting a RPO Provider

There are many options out there for you to choose from. Here are some things that I would suggest you look for when deciding who will serve your company:

  • Do they have a track record of success? Can they easily share stories of dramatic situations where their RPO made a difference?
  • Will they customize a solution to your unique needs? Many of the larger RPO companies come in and say, “Here’s our offering.” and you have to adjust to their model. Look for a provider who wants to hear more about you, understand your challenges, understand what is working well, and then comes back with something that addresses everything.
  • Who will you interact with? You need to feel good about your point of contact and the team involved in delivery. What is their track record? How do the personalities mesh? Can you count on them to do what they say they will do? Will you be getting a partner or a vendor?