Finding the Right IT Job for You

June 13th, 2012

If you are graduating from a technical university, or you are a seasoned Information Technology professional, there are several ways to find the right IT job for you. Today’s IT market has exploded and is one of the leading industries to find great career opportunities. This comes as no surprise as many software and web companies have grown at unbelievable rates while the rest of the economy lags behind. However, finding the right IT job for your skills will take careful research.

Here are a few facts on the IT world you should know about first.

What is the IT Career Outlook?

The US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 307,000 IT professionals working in just America alone, with a projected 18 percent growth expected in the coming year, and an estimated 55,800 new IT jobs to be created in the next 10 years. Average salaries run in the six figures for mid to top tier IT specialists.

Where are the IT Jobs?

A Best Cities for Finding IT Jobs in 2012 report appeared on NetworkWorld that gives a sneak peek into the regions where job seekers should be able to find more chances at employment. Washington DC., San Francisco, and Houston are the top 3 cities where IT jobs are plentiful, followed by Minneapolis, Seattle, Boston, NYC and Detroit. The best opportunities are within regions where large software and website technology firms are present, along with financial and engineering firms – so be sure to start your search there.

How to Find the Right IT Job

To start your search for the right IT job, you must first evaluate your own skills and credentials in this industry as it changes continually. Consider if you need to obtain or update any product certifications.  Get some advanced software classes under your belt so you can rise above the competition and go after better paying opportunities. Apply to companies that fall within your scope of interest and skill.

Start out as an IT contractor, which is the preferred way that many technology firms are conducting their hiring in the current time frame. Companies are thriving, but they are expanding carefully to avoid layoffs if the market turns south again. Contract assignments often open the door to perm placement, as well as a way to get on board with exciting new projects.

Consider freelance IT work until you land a full time gig. This can help you to develop your skills even further in IT, work with partners and obtain references for the kind of work you do. Once you land a great full time IT job, you can then continue to build on your freelance experience as a backup to your career, and possibly help your new employer bring in new business too.

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