Use the Latest Technology if you Want to Find the top Tech/IT Candidates

September 7th, 2011

Finding great IT talent is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you have to search for weeks for quality candidates to fill upcoming IT project teams. Specialist assignments in the IT field are particularly challenging to fill, as more companies fight to stay ahead in our technology driven society.

A recent workforce survey put out by a leading staffing firm indicates that despite a sluggish economy, over 21 percent of US companies expect to hire new IT employees during the second part of 2011. In fact, IT is the second strongest of projected job growth in the next 2 years, trailing just behind customer service roles. In other words, if you want to land the best IT candidates going into 2012, you had better develop a strategy to use all the tools you can to leverage yourself ahead of the competition.

There are ways to use the latest technology to source and hire the top IT candidates out there. Here is a breakdown of some resources you should be using now if you want to attract the better IT candidates to your company.

LinkedIn is becoming an excellent way to reel in quality IT candidates today. This easy to use platform offers job advertisement services that outdo other popular career portals thanks to some important technology updates. In addition to the advantage of creating niche groups to encourage IT candidates to network for new assignments, LinkedIn rolled out a new “Apply” application feature , which imbeds a direct profile application link into every job advertisement online. Use this as a tool for getting more IT candidates to share their profile and resume information with you with just a few clicks.

Facebook and Twitter are also excellent technology resources you can use to attract top of the line IT candidates to your firm. Use these tools to post links to job openings on your career portal as well as other career boards and LinkedIn. Post micro-blogs about your company and why it’s the best place to work. Add featured testimonials from current employees, insight into employment perks, and more to gather momentum on the playing field. Encourage online networking by staging live hiring events directly on Facebook, then twittering in real time during a teleseminar by the use of hash tags.

Blogging can also be a great way to attract top IT candidates to your company. Not only is a blog a fun way to share insight and information about your company in a safe environment, but it invites viewers to post comments and questions directly to your hiring team in the form of non-threatening messages. Hold a contest and ask readers to post links to their best portfolio work. Offer the chance at an interview or a cash prize for the best work. Then focus in on these proactive candidates who have already expressed and interest in your company at the same time as demonstrating their ability to do the work at hand.

Virtual job fairs can also be a terrific way of garnering the attention of highly skilled IT professionals, who are hungry for new opportunities. Invite several industry leaders from your company, as well as a handful of clients to speak on various industry topics, and then invite candidates to submit their resumes and portfolio examples to be evaluated. This can give you access to a healthy pool of qualified IT candidates in one carefully planned event – saving time and effort.

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Oil industry hiring increase predicted. How can a staffing agency help you find the best candidates?

July 22nd, 2011

A recent report put out by in association with partner Air Energi, indicates there will be a sharp increase in career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries over the coming decade. That’s great news for the tens of thousands of unemployed workers around the globe who are actively seeking new careers.

This rise in jobs in the energy sector comes about as a result of the increased interest in developed nations to find a more efficient energy source. These jobs will help energy companies tap into vast reserves of oil and natural gas that exist within American territories, reducing the dependence on foreign oil.

As an energy company, it’s important to position yourself to recruit the best candidates by contracting with a staffing agency that specializes in highly skilled energy and engineering candidates, like Stark Talent. We have the resources to find and screen candidates so that you can reduce costs and increase productivity as a growing oil or natural gas company. Since we are in the heart of the Texas and Alberta oil fields, we understand what you demand from quality candidates.

Staffing companies have access to a wider range of candidates than any career portal or in-house recruiting staff. This can save you both time and money at the same time as bringing you the best candidates for the job. This is especially critical when you need to bring on large numbers of employees to manage a job site, or for remote assignments. Trends in the energy industry indicate that a large number of hires will be needed in Africa, Australasia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, so having access to readily available candidates is absolutely necessary for your success.

Stark Talent has the ability to manage all aspects of your recruitment and staffing needs. From interviewing and background checks, to urine drug tests and payroll, we have the ability to help you get good people and keep them happy. Bringing you great people and keeping them happy with on-time paychecks, benefits and bonus plans is what makes Stark Talent the best oil and natural gas temporary employee agency.

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