To Cloud or Not to Cloud – The Pros and Cons for Business

November 8th, 2012

If your business is like the millions who are already conducting transactions on the Internet, then you may also be considering a possible cloud computing model for administrative functions and resources. There is a huge push by the technology world to make all information remotely accessible and secure behind a network of remote servers, which has its own set of pros and cons depending on the application.

To determine if you should go to the cloud or hold off on this move, here are some of the major positives and negatives.

The Pros of Cloud Computing in Business

  • No need for on-site servers which must be continually monitored to prevent security breaches and damage due to unexpected events like natural disasters or theft. This secures business continuity.
  • Cost effective to handle large amounts of corporate information at once, helps to speed in-house systems up during peak business activity periods. This can help your business run more efficiently.
  • Updates to business products and services can be handled seamlessly due to a network of cloud finance providers who support integrated programming. You have less downtime during service upgrades.
  • Remote access to your company data on demand, from any web browser in the world, behind a secure password system. This is the perfect solution for a business expanding into international territories.

The Cons of Business Cloud Computing

  • Generally must pay a monthly or annual license fee to have access to a web based cloud server. Over time, these costs may go up depending on the amount of data space you need.
  • Need for a system to upload and share data with the cloud server system, which can include time to organize reports and files to the right format for export.
  • Just like any web-based system, cloud servers can go down unexpectedly for short periods of time which can cause breaks in work time. This necessitates a need to continually backup files.
  • Must have staff who are able to learn new software and web based applications to manage the information that is house on cloud severs. This can mean recruiting specialists in this area.

Despite the various pros and cons of cloud computing in business, it’s becoming the go to resource for businesses of all types and sizes who want to manage their information more securely and efficiently. As the market continues to shift to a global scene, you need to learn more about cloud computing and hire staff who understand how it works. Stark Talent can help you get there with a long list of qualified IT and administrative temps who work with cloud computing applications.