Is Your Manufacturing Company Ready for a Mobile World?

April 11th, 2013

In a global business climate, even manufacturing businesses need to make the move to the realm of the mobile web. Many business owners have missed the boat, to some degree when it comes to creating mobile websites or at least making their own business websites “mobile friendly.” You really can’t afford to do that with your business. It’s time to get on board with mobile manufacturing technology and the benefits it provides.

Why You Must Go Mobile

Business today is moving to the smaller screens of mobile devices and tablet PCs. People are taking their business on the road. They’re doing research at kid’s little league games and waiting in the various lines they’re all called upon to wait in from time to time. If your website isn’t ready for them when and how they want to access it, then you’re missing out on business most manufacturing companies can’t afford to lose. These are just a few things you can do to make your business a little friendlier to various mobile devices.

Optimize Critical Website Pages for Mobile Devices

There are a few steps that go into this particular process. However, making the time now to create a site where all the vital pages with information about your business and how to contact you, will get you business your competitors are missing out on if they haven’t taken this necessary step quite yet. More importantly, the sooner you get the job done, the faster your site will begin to trend in mobile circles.

How do you go about optimizing your site (or at least a few pages on your site) for mobile devices? Follow these quick steps for starters.

1)   Eliminate unnecessary text. It’s difficult to read large chunks of content on mobile devices. Keep the information relevant, necessary, and brief on pages you optimize for mobile devices.

2)   Lower load times. There are plenty of people who use mobile devices that are still operating from 3G networks. They don’t all move at the speed of lightning. If your site takes too long to load, people will move on. Eliminate pictures, music, and other items that add to longer load times when optimizing for mobile devices.

3)   Keep it simple. A complex design will make it difficult for people to navigate from one page of your site to others. Make your mobile pages as user friendly as possible—bearing in mind that tiny boxes and closely spaced links will prove tricky to navigate on mobile devices.

Create Mobile-Ready Email Marketing Messages

One of the most common things for people to do is check emails on their mobile devices. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial for you to make changes to your email marketing messages that are mobile-friendly. If people can’t easily navigate from email to offer, email to phone call, or both, then you run the risk of missing out on the big sale you’re hoping to land from your email marketing efforts.

You’ve made it to the manufacturing mobile age, whether you’re ready for it or not. However, if you embrace the future of marketing online ahead of your manufacturing competitors, you’ll have a serious advantage (of time and experience in the field of email marketing) over them when they finally take the plunge. Remember to also hire manufacturing employees who are familiar with mobile manufacturing technology, from Stark Talent.

Understanding Mobility in Manufacturing | Industrial Career Trends

March 15th, 2013

In manufacturing, mobility focuses on visibility, efficiency, and actionable transactions. Mobile ERP solutions are one component of that. In industrial and manufacturing services, there is no doubt that mobile ERP solutions are a good fit.

In the Deloitte Global Manufacturing Index report for 2013, the main barrier indicated by professionals is that implementing mobile ERP solutions is viewed as a security risk. What’s worrisome is that even though these solutions are deemed highly desirable, many businesses will not invest in mobile device management (also known as MDM). They would rather simply lose out on the benefits they could have than to invest in the solutions needed to overcome the security barrier perceived. They could simply invest in MDM to reduce the risks they worry about and benefit.

One of the reasons so many companies have refrained from doing this is simple. They just do not realize the true benefits that it can offer. What can MDM offer?

  • It can be an effective way to increase competitive advantage.
  • It helps to reduce costs.
  • It helps to increase employee efficiency.
  • It aids in improving overall lean business processes.

When you look at the vast number of key opportunities present, you can clearly see the reasons to invest in it. For example, key opportunities include mobile access to business enabling apps. These customer relationships management apps, CRM applications, are an ideal tool for many businesses. Additionally, consider how this type of implementation in its simplest of forms can make employee collaboration across the world easy to do.

Some do not realize the risk. For example, the global marketplace is shrinking. As that happens, many countries are investing in sophistication. As a result, many US manufacturers will be left behind if they do not invest in and realize the benefits of mobility as a type of tool to enhance global competitiveness in the field.

In countries like India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and China. businesses are reporting that the single largest investment they are making is in technology and efficiency. Having these priorities could define business success. Many US businesses simply need to find a way to make the move and to realize if they do not invest as the competition is doing, they will be left out in the short term. This is not something to worry about on a rainy day.

Mobility in the manufacturing industry does not have to be a massive undertaking, which it can be for these emerging markets. In fact, the biggest risk facing some manufacturers is the lack of investing in mobility to start. The key here is to ensure that companies are taking action now, not at some point in the future, by realizing the true benefits that this type of mobility can offer to the organization. If you are looking to advance your career or business in manufacturing, contact the staffing experts at Stark Talent.