Now That the Job Market is Showing Signs of Improvement, is it Time to Start Looking for a Better Job?

September 29th, 2011

Putting yourself back on the job market can be a scary proposition. When the economy was at its lowest many people chose to stay in their current position instead of looking for something that was better or more suited to their skills. However, now that the market is starting to show signs of improvement,  is it a good idea to put yourself back out there? The answer may surprise you.

Job Growth Expected

After a sluggish several years, some economists are forecasting that the coming year will create a boom in several industries. Some forecasts predict more than 2.4 million jobs will become available. When you compare this to data from the past several years it’s a huge increase and could potentially be one of the best hiring years in recent history. This makes it a good time to get your resume and references in order, and brush up on any certifications that you may have let slide.

Look at Your Field

Some job fields are expected to grow by leaps and bounds, while others look like they will remain in the same rut they’ve been in. If you fall into one of the growing fields then looking for a new job could benefit you. Network systems and data communication careers will be on the rise. The tourism industry is also bouncing back quickly. Anything in computer science and programming is also expected to be a booming business in 2012.

There are several newer fields that are starting to make it into the spotlight as well. Organic farming and processing will rise, genetic counseling will start to see more growth, and even space tourism is expected to pop up more. If you want to use the skills you’ve already learned in a futuristic way that can garner a higher salary, looking into some of the new in demand fields may be the way to go.

What to Watch Out For

If you work in a tight knit community you may want to hang on to your job a little longer unless you’re willing to relocate. The same can be said for fields that don’t have a huge presence. Since so many people have been unemployed recently potential employers will be looking more at your current situation and references. If you’re just testing the waters it can be easy for your boss to find out that you’re looking elsewhere in these situations. All this will do is put you on their bad side, make you look sneaky and could jeopardize your current job as well as future opportunities.

You should also be aware that even though the market is on an upswing this doesn’t necessarily translate into higher salaries and better jobs. If you’re currently getting great benefits and have a decent salary package you may want to stick it out for a little while longer. With so many people fighting over the jobs available you may only be making a lateral move instead of moving up.

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