7 Tips for Retaining Your Top Information Technology Employees

October 8th, 2011

Information technology and the high tech industries are some of the most dynamic industries in business today.  Many of the top technology and internet based companies are recruiting the best of the best candidates for their companies or startups. Qualified and trained technology workers are one of the most sought after workers now. With companies competing for workers, businesses need to develop innovative ways to keep them.

1. Hire Problem Solvers  – Information Technology is one of the most competitive industries in business. New innovations and products are constantly being developed. Companies need to hire individuals who participate in a shared approach to meeting goals. Employees who understand what the problems are and how to resolve them in this sector are worth their weight in gold.

2. Competitive Salary –  Companies need to provide competitive salaries to their IT employees at all levels. Information technology positions can command high salaries. Businesses need to understand what other companies in the industry are offering and provide comparable compensation. Pay should be based on the talent of the employee and recognition of their service.

3. Communicate Expectations – New hires should be provided a complete and well-defined orientation program of the company’s mission and goals. Understanding this will help them know what is expected of them and the environment of the company. This can help empower new hires to develop ways to contribute to the company needs.

4. Ownership Of Careers  – Businesses can provide  employees the opportunity to be part of the success of the company.  Recognizing talent and encouraging involvement gives employees a sense of belonging. Knowing they are appreciated and are vital to the success of the company encourages responsibility and the desire to perform.

5. Targeted Hiring – Companies should make every effort to find not only the best talent, but those who would be a good fit with the organization. Recruitment efforts may be more costly, but the right candidates who stay and contribute, bring financial reward in the long run.

6. Team Collaboration  – Skills required in the technological industries can be highly specialized. The IT industry requires workers with these specializations to work collaboratively on new products and services. The ability to bring in employees who work well in teams is essential to growth. Companies need to provide resources to develop a team approach.

7. Develop Educational Programs – The high tech industry is one of constant change. Employees need to be given the opportunity for further training to keep up with these changes. This helps companies stay on the cutting edge of the industry and helps to keep employees, by being committed to their professional development.

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What is SourceMatch and how can it help you pinpoint the perfect job candidate?

July 30th, 2011

Looking for the perfect Information Technology job candidate(s) for upcoming assignments? Then you will want to check out our unique hiring system for matching the right candidates with the right job. SourceMatch® is our proprietary hiring system, that refines the IT recruitment and assessment process to ensure a precise match between every candidate and position. This innovative approach takes the guesswork out of picking candidates for every assignment, leaving you free to focus on more important aspects of running your business.

SourceMatch® has been designed with your IT recruitment needs in mind. We’ve created a way for you to end up with successfully precise matches the first time and every time. It works in several exciting ways.

First we pinpoint top IT achievers through a strategy that captures the best of social media, professional networking, candidate referrals and more. Today’s job seekers are using these avenues to find great careers, and we know where and how to find them. Our skilled recruiters work diligently to narrow down only the best candidates for your company.

Secondly, we use a special series of checklists and IT assessments to evaluate the suitability of every candidate. This starts with a meticulous review of each candidate’s abilities, talents, skills, work experience and unique personality. We use this checklist to match up top talent with your assignments, to increase success rates with new hires.

Next, SourceMatch® allows our experienced IT recruiters to thoroughly check the background of each candidate. From past employment references, to criminal and drug tests, Stark Talent ensures you have the best possible candidate presented to you before you take the time to interview them.

Then we use SourceMatch® for our IT candidates to take a series of assessments and tests to discover their hidden abilities and provide more insight into their suitability for your company. This gives you a clearer picture of each candidate and how well he or she will fit into your corporate environment.


If you would like to learn more about how SourceMatch® can help you bring the best IT candidates on board this year, please be sure to contact one of our expert staffing recruiters at Stark Talent today.