Reasons IT Managers Should Conduct Background Checks

August 20th, 2012

The Information Technology market is growing at break-neck speeds due to continual demands from consumers for new and better products and services. That means in order for IT companies to maintain innovation and handle the variety of projects coming in, they need the best IT candidates to staff their departments. In some cases, it is can difficult if not nearly impossible to find IT candidates who have the right skills, product certifications and training under their belts to do the job well.

Unfortunately, there are too many IT candidates who try to portray their skills and backgrounds in a more positive way than they are. Some IT candidates will say and do anything to land a job with a well-respected IT company, therefore it can be challenging to choose the right candidate for each assignment, Discovering that a candidate does not have a good history, or worse yet a background that includes violence or crime, can be a costly mistake.

It’s irresponsible for your business to not have a background checking policy in place for all potential hires. As an employer, you have the responsibility to ensure a safe and secure environment for your entire employee population, as well as your clients. This is especially important in an IT environment where sensitive data is handled and stored by your team.

Here are some of the other reasons why background checks are beneficial for your IT company.

  • Background checks can uncover that a candidate has a criminal past that may or may not include information or property theft, drug use, or DUIs that make them not suitable for an IT position.
  • Candidates who lie on their resumes about past work experience can be revealed in an employment background check, to eliminate them from being considered for a job with your company.
  • Reduce the chance of hiring someone who may have legal case pending in the court system stemming from traffic violations, domestic violence, failure to pay child support, tax liability, drug or alcohol violations, being a sexual predator, or fraud. These things don’t always show up in a standard check.
  • Past workers’ compensation claims can also be revealed in a background check, which can reduce the risk of hiring a repeat accident “victim”. It’s abnormal when a candidate presents with several workplace injuries in their past, and could be caused by carelessness or fraud.

While background checks for IT candidates can be costly, they are definitely worth the investment because this simple measure can save you a lot of headache later on. Or you can save this step and hire your pre-screened IT candidates through Stark Talent staffing agency.