More Generation Y Candidates Making Digital Demands on Employers

August 27th, 2012

As the new generation of employees comes knocking on your doors, they come with big demands. These demands are centering on technology. This generation is far more tech savvy than any before it. They value their mobile devices more than anything else. As a company hiring these professionals, what can you expect them to demand.

Flexibility Matters Most

In a survey conducted by Cisco, half of the respondents stated they would take a lower paying job that gave them more flexibility especially if they were able to choose the device they wanted to use for personal use. 80 percent of college students want their ability to choose a mobile device, too.

Working Remotely

Generation Y is all about flexibility when it comes to working, but they also are ready to put in the extra hours. They just want to do it on their time. For example, the same survey indicated that this generation wants the ability to work remotely. Of those surveyed, 0 percent believe that it is not necessary to be in the office environment on a regular basis. In addition, 25 percent say productivity increases when they work remotely.

IT Demands Are Up

Some businesses are seeing the demand for IT growing significantly. IT components need to support more devices and operating systems than ever. There is also a need for new software that can track which devices are being accessed and which networks they are accessing. Security is a big factor in protecting the business, too.

In addition, there is a significant amount of blurring of company and personal time, with many individuals requiring the access to mobile phones for both professional and business use. This could be a factor for many businesses in the future.

Generation Y is all about flexibility when it comes to IT use. They want the best of it all, but they are also willing to put in the hours to get the job done. Motivated and poised to take business to new levels, some businesses are finding it necessary to embrace the demands for these new professionals as it may allow them to push into bigger successes down the road.