With hiring in the oil industry heating up, how can a staffing agency help you get the best job out there?

July 29th, 2011

Looking for work in the growing oil industry? Whether you are a new college graduate or career-changer seeking employment opportunities in the exciting field of energy, you will be pleased to note that oil jobs are readily available to qualified candidates through staffing agencies like Stark Talent. Make sure you position yourself for excellent opportunities in one of the highest demand industries in the world.

Oil and other energy industry jobs are increasing in many areas of the United States and abroad. A recent oil industry report conducted by the well-known OilCareers.com in association with Air Energi indicated there will be a major increase in career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries in the next five to ten years. Many of these jobs will be on United States territory, while there will be opportunities to work abroad. This is positive news for those who have been affected by job shortages in other industries.

The best course of action for job candidates who are actively seeking work in the oil, natural gas and other energy industries is to register with a quality staffing agency first. Stark Talent has plenty of resources and tools to help you do this with ease, and we have been working with oil and natural gas companies for many years. We can open up the doors to new opportunities not seen elsewhere, and you will have the best chance of being invited to an interview for a new assignment by being registered here.

A staffing agency can help you get prepared for job interviews and skill tests with the biggest oil and natural gas companies in the nation. When you take the time to register for a job with Stark Talent, you will be able to find out what you need to know to be successful when interviewing with energy companies. Because our staffing agents will be screening you ahead of time, you’ll be able to be placed on assignments immediately vs. having to wait for weeks for your background and career history to be checked.

Additionally, as a registered employee with Stark Talent you will have access to on-time payroll, benefits and candidate resources that other candidates wont have. You’ll be ready when the best companies call you for work.

For more information about becoming registered for work with Stark Talent, please be sure to visit our candidate resource center today.