Oil industry hiring increase predicted. How can a staffing agency help you find the best candidates?

July 22nd, 2011

A recent report put out by OilCareers.com in association with partner Air Energi, indicates there will be a sharp increase in career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industries over the coming decade. That’s great news for the tens of thousands of unemployed workers around the globe who are actively seeking new careers.

This rise in jobs in the energy sector comes about as a result of the increased interest in developed nations to find a more efficient energy source. These jobs will help energy companies tap into vast reserves of oil and natural gas that exist within American territories, reducing the dependence on foreign oil.

As an energy company, it’s important to position yourself to recruit the best candidates by contracting with a staffing agency that specializes in highly skilled energy and engineering candidates, like Stark Talent. We have the resources to find and screen candidates so that you can reduce costs and increase productivity as a growing oil or natural gas company. Since we are in the heart of the Texas and Alberta oil fields, we understand what you demand from quality candidates.

Staffing companies have access to a wider range of candidates than any career portal or in-house recruiting staff. This can save you both time and money at the same time as bringing you the best candidates for the job. This is especially critical when you need to bring on large numbers of employees to manage a job site, or for remote assignments. Trends in the energy industry indicate that a large number of hires will be needed in Africa, Australasia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, so having access to readily available candidates is absolutely necessary for your success.

Stark Talent has the ability to manage all aspects of your recruitment and staffing needs. From interviewing and background checks, to urine drug tests and payroll, we have the ability to help you get good people and keep them happy. Bringing you great people and keeping them happy with on-time paychecks, benefits and bonus plans is what makes Stark Talent the best oil and natural gas temporary employee agency.

For more information about temporary and permanent staff for the oil and natural gas industries, please contact Stark Talent today or give us a call.