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eLearning – The Future of Skilled Labor Training?

April 13th, 2012

Having a properly trained staff with the right safety and compliance training is exceptionally important in today’s skilled labor training industry. Yet, having a successful training program is time and budget demanding. eLearning may be a method that will help employers reduce the cost and time spent on training, but still offer training in general.

How It Works

Online training, also known as elearning, is an opportunity for companies to achieve their training goals by offering the entire workforce the best quality training in a versatile, consistent manner. In order for any program to be successful, though, the right program must be selected with a careful level of attention paid to the individual company’s needs.

In the adult industrial worker arena, the best online training program must meet specific standards to be effective. Prior to investing in these programs, businesses should focus on choosing a program to meet specific requirements and make sure that employees are on-board.

  • The program should have clear learning objectives and the employees should understand what is expected of them. A clear link between the learning and the work the employee does within the business should happen.
  • The content of the training program should be focused on stated learning objectives. Most are set up in a lesson or course setup to make it easy to move from one topic to the next.
  • Be sure the content meets the needs of the student involved. This includes being at a reading comprehension level that is acceptable to the worker.
  • There should be some type of interaction between the learning program and the student. It should not be a simple document to read, but rather should incorporate animations, video segments or other interaction.

For many businesses, the use of elearning makes sense. It is an ideal way to reduce expenses and to make safety-learning for skilled workers easier to obtain. Instead of trying to arrange a time and place, and bring a group of workers to that place, these courses are flexible enough to happen when and as needed, at a self-paced speed. This ensures the student/worker is able to achieve the learning goals in a way that is beneficial to his or her learning needs.

The Way of the Future?

eLearning may be the way of the future when it comes to safety training in today’s society. Skilled workers need ongoing training, in safety as well as other areas. It makes sense to choose a program that is easy to put in place and offers very specific options. With courses designed for specific industrial or other skilled worker applications, it is easy to see the true value of investing in these programs. It may be one of the best options for individuals on the job who require ongoing, updated training.