SMART Asset Management in Manufacturing – What You Need to Know

June 26th, 2012

In today’s manufacturing world, there are many technology-driven methods of managing assets, also sometimes referred to as SMART asset management.  In manufacturing businesses, SMART stands for advanced data collection methods using computerized sensors, RFID tags, and actuators that track activity at all levels.

Using SMART technology to better manage inventory, equipment, transportation, and other resources helps employees become more efficient and less wasteful. It can also cut down on accidents and loss on the job. SMART means more than just managing tangible assets; it also means developing a program for streamlining operations with strategic business planning.

For a manufacturing firm that wants to control production and personnel costs, a SMART asset management system makes good business sense. When there is a reduced loss of assets, there can be opportunities for expansion and staff development. If staff members are well-trained to use SMART asset management procedures, they can become more efficient in their roles, and contribute more directly in the success of their company as a whole.

With a SMART asset management system in place, manufacturing companies are better able to plan for the future based on accurate asset records. This means being able to react quickly to industry demands with an ever-ready supply of inventory and people. Clearly, the faster a company can meet the needs of customers, the better it can execute its staffing program in line with fluctuating production.

Many manufacturing companies have instituted some form of SMART asset management, from simple inventory and ordering systems, to recruiting and training programs – all facilitated by a central computer system. By managing assets using SMART methodology, company leaders have better grasp of key information that can be used to plan future initiatives.

If your company is engaged in the manufacturing industry, then you may already understand why SMART asset management is critical to your success, and to that of your employees. By consolidating all your processes into a well-managed asset system, you are more likely to be able to adapt and react to market changes.

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