Our teams of scientists and engineers have extensive expertise as well as recruiters with advanced experience sourcing for global industries and government agencies with professional level needs.

What sets Stark apart? We’ve got staffing down to a science.
  • A distinct branch network staff with bright, experienced scientists recruiting other scientific professionals.
  • A diversified candidate database containing electronic resumes allowing quick response.
  • With only 20% of todays’ workforce actively seeking employment, how do you reach the other 80% of qualified candidates? By consistently networking with passive and active candidates, Stark Scientific Talent knows what it takes for 100% of all employees to seek a change in their career. From highly experienced lab staff to senior-level management, Stark Scientific Talent has the scope to provide local and global services. When it comes to staffing the very best, we’re the definitive way to reach talented scientific professionals at every level.
  • Direct employee costs rank high on the list of operating any business. Add to this the hidden soft costs of lost productivity with unfilled positions. Our professionals can analyze your current staffing situation and together, we can design a staffing solution tailored to your needs. Whether it’s reducing your full-time head count and supplementing it with flexible projects professionals, or starting an entirely new department or facility, Stark Scientific Talent has the talent and resources to make a positive change in your environment.
The difference Stark Scientific makes for you!
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Your Focus:

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