The Stark Service Process

Finding the right match between client and candidate is both an art and a science. Technology, like our SourceMatch® system, combined with the expertise of tenured, industry-savvy recruiting specialists, helps the experts at Stark Talent ensure you only receive the most qualified and credentialed candidates.

  • Stark will perform a customer analysis to understand your organization and how we can be your perfect staffing partner.
  • Before Stark recruiters even approach candidates to begin the screening process, they will have already completed extensive research into the qualifications, motivations, experience and temperament.
  • Our industrial psychologist reviews all client information and job descriptions for volume hiring projects and recommends psychological assessments and aptitude tests.
  • Through a host of research and interviewing techniques, tests and tools, our recruiters will then match your specific needs to our candidate database.

Even with the most precise selection and retention programs, errors can occur. If you are not completely satisfied during an employee’s assignment, notify us immediately, and we will replace the employee at no charge.

Stark Talent serves as the legal employer and is responsible for hourly wages, payroll taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation, insurance benefits and filing of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). Additionally, we have the ability to provide preplacement screenings for candidates including drug screens, background checks and a variety of skill and personality assessments.

Stark Talent is committed to finding the best matches for your staffing needs. Contact us for more information.