Providing Tailored Solutions

By working as a true partner of your organization, Stark Executive will identify the recruiting practices most likely to reach the best candidates for your needs. By taking a customer-focused approach to staffing, we identify with your needs, and place ourselves in the positions of our clients when working toward a solution.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve carefully honed our executive search process to include the following steps:

Understand Your Firm

During our initial consultation, our specialists will compile an accurate portrait of your organization and its direction. A comprehensive understanding of your business, your business philosophy and long-term goals, is essential to finding a precise match for your position and organization.

Define the Position, Implement SourceMatch®

Once we have a complete understanding of your organization, we will inspect the position you are looking to fill and utilize the SourceMatch® system to ensure we make the right match – accurately pinpointing the qualifications and factors that will have the greatest impact on a candidate’s success in the role and your organization.

Formulate the Search Strategy

Using the position profile, a Stark Executive team, including a senior account executive, industry specialist and researcher, will develop your specific search strategy. These individuals are intimately linked to your industry, ensuring you will be connected with the finest networking and resources available.

The Search Commences

Years of experience have forged a vast network of contacts. The next step is extensive research of target companies, industries and “hard-to-get-to” industry sources that will identify a wealth of quality candidates. A working list of prospective candidates is now in place.

Narrow the Field

Through the use of the initial phone screen and other tools in the SourceMatch® system, we will explore compatibility between the candidate and position. At this point, we either eliminate candidates from consideration or elevate them to the next step based on the candidate’s background and degree of match to your organization.

Presentation of Candidates

The results of our searching and screening thus far will result in a short list of candidates. Through a detailed written presentation, objective assessment results, and our own consolidated evaluation reports, we now introduce these individuals to you.

Introduction of Candidate to Client

A number of interviews may take place, usually involving several executives from your company, before the ultimate decision is made. Count on Stark Executive Recruiting to be a dedicated strategic partner throughout all aspects of the interview process including scheduling, briefing, and feedback.

Reference Checks

Preliminary screening is conducted with industry and peer references. Once the final candidate is identified and mutual interest is expressed, we begin the formal reference check process.

Make the Formal Offer

Utilizing our considerable negotiating expertise, Stark Executive Recruiting will be involved in final negotiations, including structuring of compensation and benefits.

Post Offer Follow-Up

Although the candidate has accepted your offer, our work is not finished. Through this key transition period, Stark Executive Recruiting will maintain an advisory role with both parties, resolving any challenges that may arise.

Our exhaustive process ensures we find the best solution for your needs. Contact Stark Executive today to learn more.