Industry Sector Expertise and Focus

While our career focus areas are available across a broad spectrum of clients, we primarily service certain key industry sectors, learning the vocabulary, the players, and the concerns. Our clients value the understanding of their needs that leads to more accurate and efficient recruiting.

Our industry focus areas include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Defense
  • Any other industry sector that needs our Career Focus

Oil and Gas

Stark’s oil and gas industry experience runs deep with both oilfield services companies and producers. Our team includes engineers with hands-on oil field experience as well as recruiters with many years of recruiting experience in the industry. We understand the terms, the job titles, the profile of a successful employee and most importantly, the pressing concern of field managers that need qualified staff NOW. We work with some of the largest global companies to recruit every role from engineers to field hands running equipment.

Contract Staffing

  • Information Technology – We focus specifically on GIS Analysts for the oil and gas industry. We have built a unique expertise in this area and developed a database of candidates and industry contacts. This experience and information puts us in a unique position to find this specific GIS experienced talent.
Temp-to-hire Staffing
  • Equipment Operators – When drilling activity picks-up, field hands to operate equipment and perform well services like hydraulic fracturing become a scarce commodity. Our recruiters know how to employ a variety of creative strategies to combat tight labor markets.
Recruiting Process Outsourcing
  • When hiring picks-up in the oil and gas industry, companies are called upon to ramp-up quickly in all areas. Often, the recruiting infrastructure is not ready for the rapid increase. With Stark, you can implement a recruiting team and complete service delivery process for a quick response to demand.
  • Stark currently runs a high-volume RPO project for the United States and Canada for first-line supervisors, electronic technicians, and mechanical technicians


Stark supports the technical needs of the defense industry primarily with engineering support on a direct or contract basis. Our team members also have extensive experience in sourcing and placing candidates into positions that require Secret and Top Secret security clearances. As a cleared facility, Stark is certified by the Department of Defense to employ contractors with a clearance. Stark provides Six Sigma-style metrics and reports for our defense clients. These reports detail:
  • Candidate submission
  • Diversity
  • Interview schedule
  • Candidate quality report
  • Cycle time
  • Custom metrics

Other Industries

Our Career Specialties are often requested from a variety of other industries. Because our recruiters understand these careers and the associated credentials, we are able to work effectively with the same job titles in different industries.