By specializing in a few Career Focuses with Industry Specialties, Stark understand the unique concerns of our clients in order to utilize the most effective and results-oriented methods. With this approach, we’ve become a trusted workforce solutions provider for both large government agencies and global companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Using our unique approach, called SourceMatch®, applies a rigorous scientific process to source, assess, and match the right talent to our clients’ opportunities, throughout all of our specialties:

  • Industries

    While our career focus areas are available across a broad spectrum of clients, we primarily service certain key industry sectors, learning the vocabulary, the players, and the concerns. Learn more>

  • Government

    Since the company’s founding, Stark has focused on serving the unique needs of city, county, and state government. We understand that the government is ultimately accountable to the citizens. Learn more>

  • Career Focus

    Working with specific types of positions enables our team to understand the scope of the jobs and to build a proprietary database of candidates to make our service to clients more accurate and efficient. Learn more>

  • When you need workable solutions and real results, contact Stark Talent.