SourceMatch®: melding the art and science of recruiting

Can you afford to guess whether a candidate is the right candidate? SourceMatch®, our proprietary hiring system, refines the recruitment and assessment process to ensure a precise match between a candidate and position. SourceMatch® provides successful, precise matches, by:

Differentiating between active and passive candidates.

Top-tier professionals aren’t typically looking for work. They are the top producers and star employees of their current employers – and are exactly who you want for your organization. Stark recruiters tap into powerful social networking tools, our extensive network of professional relationships, and referrals from our vast candidate database to find these top producers and present your exciting opportunities to them.

Hire Like a Pilot

Hiring the right person for the job is too important to trust to your “gut feel.” Pilots fly by checklist because no detail can be left to chance. Pilots who don’t fly by checklist don’t live to talk about it. At Stark, we hire by checklist because we take employee selection that seriously. Our SourceMatch® system starts with a rigorous review of skills, abilities, experience, and personality traits necessary for success on the job. This review becomes the basis for a checklist of criteria and standards to objectively evaluate candidates to ensure a successful new hire.

Completing a Comprehensive Evaluation

Before a Stark recruiter even presents a candidate, he or she will complete extensive research into the individual’s qualifications, experience and motivations. Doing so lets us focus our time on the best and the right candidates for your opening. We use a variety of research, interviewing techniques, tests, and tools to find the best qualified candidates who best fit your company’s culture and needs.

Job-Specific Assessment Systems

Assessment tests provide an objective scientific evaluation of a candidate’s personality traits and job-related skills. We design a job-specific set of tests that align to the requirements of the position. With an expert industrial psychologist on our team, we have the capacity to conduct validation studies, monitor results to prevent adverse selection, and build customized client-specific testing

Combining Science with Experience

A precise match—the best match—requires more than science (after all, we’re in the people business!). SourceMatch® provides the foundation. From there, our skilled, experienced recruiters rely on their insights and intuition to provide the final piece. SourceMatch® removes the guesswork, allowing our recruiters to make the final match. It’s a combination of resources that undeniably produces outstanding results for our clients.
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