Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO): Delivering better results.

Can you really attract and retain better talent while cutting the cost of your recruiting process? Applying Stark’s RPO services and SourceMatch® methodology, our team of experts leverages decades of experience and best-in-class recruiting strategies to efficiently source the talent you need to produce results for your organization. Under an RPO arrangement, employers outsource the recruiting, screening, and onboarding process for all positions or certain positions to the Stark RPO team. These engagements may be year round or just during an especially busy ramp-up period.

Leverage scarce recruiting resources and focus on core business.

Most organizations that engage RPO services either lack sufficient internal HR resources to keep up with the expected levels of recruiting quantity and quality, or they find it more cost effective to outsource this function to a specialized team.* With Stark RPO, hiring managers can focus on their core business and a few critical final interviews. Our experienced team leverages the latest technology for online recruiting like social media,applicant tracking systems, etc. HR professionals can focus on other high value activities such as compliance, people development, and benefits.

Organizations are invited to give Stark RPO a smaller engagement in order to evaluate the overall effectiveness before committing to a full RPO engagement. Consider this a Pilot Program and get a glimpse of what the larger program would entail.

Increase efficiencies and lower costs.

In addition to leveraging scarce HR resources, RPO clients also express a desire to control recruiting costs.* Stark RPO services lower the cost of recruiting by:
  • Reducing dedicated recruiting staff. You pay only for the recruiting services you need;
  • Improving retention and lowering cost of turnover with SourceMatch® system;
  • Eliminating excessive search fees to “resume houses” who send resumes with little or no screening; and
  • Interviewing only fully screened candidates to avoid wasting managers’ time interviewing unqualified applicants.
  • Reducing the time to fill open positions so your team can stay fully staffed and never have to turn away new business.

Improve recruiting results.

The Stark RPO team backs its claims of better results with key performance indicators. We want to be held accountable for delivering measurable value. Our experience shows that Stark RPO delivers positive results in the following areas:
  • Quality of hire
  • Candidate diversity
  • Offer acceptance ratio
  • Percent of jobs filled
  • Time-to-submission
  • Time-to-fill
  • Staffing efficiency ratio
  • Cost-per-hire

Rethink tradition. Increase quality. Insource temporary workforce.

Since 1995 when Stark (then EuroSoft) added temporary staffing to its services, we have encouraged our clients to employ temporaries for seasonal needs and temp-to-hire strategies to see how employees perform before making a final hiring decision. We still support these strategies when it makes business sense. However, in tight labor markets where the intent is to attract and ultimately retain the best talent, a Stark RPO Insourcing arrangement provides all the benefits of a temp-to-hire workforce with the attraction of working directly for our client. Under a Stark RPO Insourcing service agreement, our team continues to handle all recruiting and workforce management just as we would under a dedicated on-site management arrangement for a temporary workforce. The key difference is that the employees are classified as “in-house temporaries,” are not subject to regular full-time benefits, unless converted to that status, and receive a W-2 from the client. Stark charges only for management and recruiting services, while the client reduces the cost of the temporary workforce margin on payroll.

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*According to a March 2008 study by Aberdeen Group