Manufacturing and Social Technology – Effective Use for Industrial Recruiting

February 8th, 2013

Social technology is most often thought of as a business to customer (B2C) aspect of marketing. There’s no doubt that social networking, social interactions and social – everything, is focused on bringing in new customers. That’s a good thing and it works very well. Any business not engaging in social aspects is missing out. Yet, there’s another component to keep in mind here. That is business to business.

How can social technology work in the manufacturing industry or other industries in which the model is business to business?

It’s Not as Easy as You Think

One of the reasons you may be scratching your head and wondering how this could work is because it is a challenge. There’s plenty stacked up against you.

  • The length of the sale cycle is often much longer in the business-to-business model. That makes it harder to get those results in an instant fashion, which is something that social technology encourages.
  • The complexity of the process can be a challenge as well.
  • It’s usually all about the dollar investment, too.

That’s because you are thinking about it in the same light you would the business to customer relationship. You are thinking of it as a way to engage and nurture your relationships with customers and even to close the sale. Yet, when you turn things around, it can work very well from the business-to-business standpoint.

How to Use Social in B2B

This business-to-business model of using social technology is working and some manufacturing companies are finding it to be a very successful way of building sales and business. How does it work?

  • Use it to incorporate collaboration.
  • Use it to make email automation possible.
  • Use it to manage content as well as documents with ease.
  • Use it for business monitoring and listening.
  • Use it to build a knowledge base.

For example, you may want to combine social CRM to project management as well as billing. If you have a smaller business, you can run your operation on this application. It’s important to find and employ the various technologies available that empower business owners like this.

Social technology works to increase the amount of collaboration that takes place between partners and suppliers. You can replace the word “social” with “collaboration” in any supply chain and management instance. It helps to streamline various processes, improving workflow, and makes data flow possible.

Another way in which it is working is by creating new customer portals. These are being used for all aspects, including design, specifications, and delivery. This works in various industries. It helps to streamline the process overall.

The bottom line is, when you turn social technology into a business-to-business viewpoint, you can see exactly how helpful it is. This is also true when it comes to social recruiting that the Stark Talent team are experts in using to find high quality candidates in Texas and Alberta, Canada. It’s not something to overlook the value of  in the manufacturing indu

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