Supply Looms, Demand Dips in the Information Technology Job Market

July 30th, 2012

In terms of Information Technology jobs, is there a higher supply than demand now in the market? For those actively searching for IT careers, there are some areas that are growing while others may be slowing down. To the average IT professional seeking a new opportunity, it could mean a shift in focus from one industry to another for career growth. Yet, with 20 percent of The 25 Best Jobs appearing on the US News Money report for 2012, these jobs are hot.

Let’s look at a few trends in the IT market and what jobs in demand for the rest of 2012.

Software Developers and Engineers – With the rapid advancement in software applications, including mobile apps and smartphone technology, the need for software developers and software engineers has exploded around the nation. Software developers are in high demand, particularly those with experience in new product development in the cloud, and advanced product certifications. Biggest areas of growth are in large cities on the east and west coast of the USA, and Canada.

Database Administrators – Information and the security of that information is critical to the success of all industries. Therefore, database administrators are vital to managing corporate data according to best practices. Many database administrators work for large data centers, while others manage the data for groups of schools or healthcare accounts. Jobs are plentiful in NYC, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Los Angeles.

Computer Programmers – For those who love the adventure of building new computer networks and programming them to work with the latest software, there has been a boom in the number of computer programmer assignments. Develop your skills in flexible and remote jobs as well as working for top computer and communication firms.

Web Developers – The Internet has created a virtual renaissance in the development of interactive websites and tools. That means there are multiple web development assignments open in all industries around the world. From small business website development to large in-house web teams, you can find high paying work practically everywhere.

Computer Systems Analysts – When it comes to making sure that computer systems and networks are functioning well, there is a high demand for skills computer systems analysts. Civilian level jobs typically pay well, but those in the government are the highest demand and compensated.

Web Security Officers – The world wide web has created a demand for security agents who protect the information and resources of not just individuals, but entire countries. That means there are many more jobs available in web security and cyber-crime than ever before, with high salaries and nice perks.

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