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July 20th, 2012

Your goal as an IT recruiter is to find the best talent available for the employer. Hands down, you can only be successful if you can reach the qualified talent you need. Once you find them, you need to recruit them – tell them why they are better off working for your employer than any other. Then, once they are in place, it becomes critical to keep them there. An impossible task? It does not have to be if you know the key methods to making it successful.

How to Bring in the Best

IT recruiters face the challenge of competition. Qualified professionals can be hard to draw in because there are so many businesses (in every sector from healthcare to science) demanding these professionals. What should IT recruiters know, then?

  • Recruiters need to know what IT professional want to be paid as well as what types of offers they are receiving from the competition. In short, as a recruiter, you need to have your finger on the pulse of benefits to ensure employees get what they need.
  • Be competitive with your strategy. Know who the largest IT employers are in the area and ensure that you have something to offer to your potential recruits that the other guys do not have.
  • Make sure the work environment for your IT staff is enjoyable. In short, you need to get to know what working in the IT department is like. Can it be improved? What is a day in the life of an IT professional like within your company?
  • Provide some freedoms. Allow the professionals to do their jobs while still expressing themselves. In short, if you box them in, they are stifled and that means you are missing out on the best that they can offer. Provide goals for achievements and then give the team the ability to achieve those goals in any way that is possible.
  • Ensure IT projects are important to the business and, therefore, represented within the business. For example, ensure that the company’s business goals include the goals of the IT team. This shows the team you value them.

When it comes to luring in top talented IT professionals, it is a game of proving what you have that the other guy does not. In short, if you are out of the loop on what the IT professional is making, needs and desires, you could be missing out on key opportunities to bring in the best talent in the area, not to mention the country. With so much demand in this every-changing industry, as a recruiter, your job is often on the line if you fail to bring in this type of candidate. Lure them in with a solid offer.

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